See Ya Never is a streetwear brand with an athletic edge, designed to inspire an adventure.

Run by two people, Louise Henry and Nathan Johnson, who truly believe that "strangers are just friends we haven't met yet" and that the world can be a better place - a smaller place in a sense - and that people can be brought together to celebrate each others uniqueness. Louise and Nathan now both reside in Bali, after each found not only success, but real happiness in saying See Ya Never to a 'normal life'.

Nathan, a keen storyteller that loves tequila and claims to be the luckiest person on earth, had dreamt on many separate occasions of making the world a safer place to travel, building a streetwear brand and inspiring people to live their own version of 'the dream'. But dreams do as little as the unassembled parts of any machine, nothing.

It was only when Canadian entrepreneur Louise Henry put all the pieces together and gave See Ya Never the spark it needed to come to life. Louise, a creative thinker with the desire to build something from the ground up, saw the potential of 'See Ya Never' and got to work. Laying the foundation for a brand that Nathan said was 'kinda like Nike, but bigger'.

Big dreams. But with Nathan and Louise's shared network of photographers, musicians, designers; creatives from every field and on every platform, See Ya Never is ready to make an impact. Pushing towards being a collaborative effort and being open to influencers means that See Ya Never is going to be as much inspired by the people that they seek to inspire.

To do so, they wrote down and live by one very simple message that they want to get out into the world and that message is this

"We believe that by inspiring people to travel and see the world we can foster understanding and even acceptance among people no matter what their point of difference; whether it is colour, religion, sexual orientation and so on. We believe that we can make the world a better place by giving people a reason to become friends and have conversations about how amazing life can be. We believe that the See Ya Never brand is a flag that you can wear proudly, to let the world know that you too agree with these beliefs. And we believe that the world is ready for this."

See Ya Never Founders