Tips for your First Fashion Photoshoot

by Louise Henry September 07, 2016


Hi guys! So today we are doing a photoshoot because we are releasing two new pieces on our website and we wanted to bring you along, show you behind the scenes of what it’s like to run a photoshoot and give you a few tips and tricks. 

Today I’m going to be talking specifically about shooting your products on models for your website. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 






Lighting is one of the trickiest parts of photography. Save yourself the trouble and invest in renting a professional studio. They will have everything you need - the right lighting, backdrop, etc. all there for you so your photos can look as good as possible. Cutting corners often results in reshoots or hours of editing after the fact. 


Next, is your photographer. How do you find the right one? As there are so many different styles of photography, make sure you find someone that is experienced in fashion studio shoots. We work with Damea Dorsey, who makes studio shoots super fast (and fun!) because he knows exactly what he’s doing. 


Now you’re going to need models. If you are low on budget, you can ask friends - like we did (thanks Walter and Raf!)

We’re so lucky to have friends willing to help us out. Just make sure that you hook them up with some free gear or take them for a nice dinner afterwards!

Make sure you tell your models to bring their own shoes, accessories or whatever else you’ll need (that you don’t produce yourself!). And have them bring a few different styles so that you have options!


And of course, don’t forget a makeup artist. Especially, if you are shooting women, you’ll need someone there to handle hair and makeup and tie the looks together with the outfits. 

Now, here’s a few of my best tips: 

  1. Things will always take longer than you think. Leave yourself some wiggle room so you’re not rushing through and get the shots that you need. 
  2. Use a steamer! This thing is key!! Use it to get rid of wrinkles and have your pieces looking their best. Luckily, most studios will come equipped with one but double check with them before your shoot. 
  3. Bring clips, scissors and tape. With some garments you will need to use clips to make sure they fit properly and we’ve always been so happy to have these on hand. 
  4. Know exactly what shots you need. For example, we came into the shoot knowing that we needed a front, 3/4, side and back shot for each garment + a few close ups. Write this down and share with the photographer before the shoot. 
  5. Bring 1 of each size of your garments so that you can get the perfect fit on your model. 
  6. Have 1 person who’s only job is to watch the clothes + make sure everything looks perfect. This is essential! it will be their job to keep an eye out on the way the garment is folding or sitting and adjust as needed!
  7. And lastly, be sure to have someone there taking behind the scenes footage. People love getting a look at the creative process and it gets them pumped for the release! 

That’s it! I hope these tips have helped! If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up or subscribe, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! 

Louise Henry
Louise Henry


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