Starting a Business: Our Challenges

by Louise Henry July 10, 2016


In our last video, we shared with you a few of our biggest wins in building our clothing brand, See Ya Never. If you haven't watched that yet, you can click here

For those of you that prefer to read, here's the transcript: 

Louise: In today's video, we're going to share with you something that's just as real, but not quite as much fun. We're going to share with you our biggest challenges so far in building our brand. 

Nathan: We want to start with talking about imposter syndrome, which to me, is finding logical reasons why you're not good enough to be doing something. Personally, I didn't finish school. I didn't even get halfway through finishing school. I never studied business and I never thought I'd be working in any sort of design. So I often ask myself the question - who am I to be running a clothing brand and trying to build See Ya Never? 

For me, it's about finding reasons why you are good enough to be doing what you're doing. I have an addictive personality which helps me learn things really easily and I love telling stories, which has been very important in building the brand that is now See Ya Never. You can't decide your worth to your company based on what someone else thinks your role should be - only you can decide that. I also really enjoy working long hours on things I'm passionate about, which is lucky, because starting a small business demands a lot of hours. Since starting See Ya Never, our workdays constantly push past 16 hours. Drags on... like f***

Louise: And not only that, since we're not taking a salary yet, both of us still have to work other jobs (a lot of other jobs). Nath manages a bar and also runs a tour company in Bali. As well as picking up photography work recently! And I do freelance web design & online marketing. 

A lot of people see the life that we're living in Bali and think that it's amazing (and it is - for sure). But the only reason we can afford to live like that is because it is Bali. So it was actually a very strategic choice to live in Bali because our living costs are so low. So we still have a lot of time that we can devote to See Ya Never. Actually, if you're considering your own business, I'd highly recommend looking for a place that keeps your living costs low so that you can focus all your time/energy into your new business and don't have to stress as much financially. We'll actually be posting a video on what it's like to live/work in Bali so be sure to look out for that soon! 

Nathan: Another thing - and we've learned this the hard way, is that not all PR wins convert directly to revenue. We've had a few really cool things happen to us - such as what we spoke about in the last video. But none of them really brought in the sales that we could build our business around. It can also be very difficult to have the limited marketing budget of a small business. Try not to think of yourself as competing with the big brands and just focus on getting the most out of what you have. 

Louise: Starting a business is definitely very fun and exciting but we wanted to make this video so that we could reassure you that it's normal to have setbacks along the way. So don't let it discourage you because we absolutely love what we do. And we would love if you followed us and our journey as we build our brand. So click here to subscribe and we'll be posting another video next week!  

Louise Henry
Louise Henry


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