How I Moved to Bali

by Louise Henry June 23, 2016

For those of you that prefer to read, here's the video transcript:

Louise: In today's video, I'm going to be sharing with you how we got started with See Ya Never and how I ended up in Bali in the first place. 

It all starts with a trip to Hong Kong. I was actually headed over there to improve manufacturing for my first e-commerce business and I was headed over with two friends who had been to Bali before and were huge fans. So they figured, since we were headed all the way from Toronto to Hong Kong, that we should take a vacation to Bali - I mean, why not?! So of course I said yes, and once we got to Bali, they were like "you have to meet our crazy friend Nathan." 

Nathan: Hi, I'm Nathan! I've been in Bali now for around 6 years and I work at restaurant here. One night I had some friends rock up from Toronto and they came in with this beautiful girl. Nothing really happened though for the first week - we were just friends and we were hanging out and I kinda started to develop quite a crush on Louise. So I asked her if the very next day, she wanted to come and see some waterfalls with me. She didn't really know what she was in for - but it went pretty well. 

Louise: So Nath takes me on the best first date that I've ever been on (also the longest). He asks me to go see waterfalls and I think that he's going to show up with his scooter and the waterfalls are going to be like 20 minutes away. Um no. He shows up with a car and the waterfalls are actually 3 hours away. So it was a super long date, but it was amazing because we had all this time in the car to get to know each other. 

Nathan: We spoke about everything. From family and relationships all the way through to hopes and dreams. We really got through a few topics. 

Louise: We went swimming under waterfalls. It was very romantic! (Good job). After that, he takes me for lunch overlooking all of Bali. We're having such a good time that we kept coming up with other things that we could do so that we could extend the day. So, we went to a temple as well and ended the day off with sushi. It was awesome. 

Nathan: But the problem was - Louise was going back to Toronto the very next day. So I had the genius idea that I would try to get her to stay and I offered to buy Louise a flight home at another time. But no matter what I said I couldn't convince Louise that I wasn't just some crazy Australian guy. 

Louise: I just really didn't take his offer seriously. I mean, I probably should have called his bluff. But he wasn't bluffing - that's the thing! 

Nathan: The very first night that Louise was gone, I had a few drinks and got on Facebook and said "hey, I'm thinking about you." Fortunately I woke up the next morning to a message from Louise that said, "I'm glad one of us said it, because I've been thinking about you as well."

So we started talking a lot. Like a lot. It was affecting my worklife (the amount that we were spending on Skype). So we started planning because long distance sucks and 3 weeks later I went to Toronto for 3 weeks to hang out. 

Louise: Which was amazing! Before Nath, I had never known someone that would do that sort of thing - that would fly across the world for someone that they barely knew. Right from when he was going to visit, the jokes had already started with my friends and family... like "okay, so this guy is coming to visit me from Bali. There's a good chance that I'm going to want to move to Bali with him."

Nathan: (For the weather). It was December in Toronto and it was freezing cold so Louise wanted to live somewhere more tropical. 

Louise: (I liked him a little bit)

Nathan: I was there for 3 weeks and we had a great time so we decided that Louise should move to Bali. And we're both insanely impatient so we started planning and it was exactly a month to the day after that that Louise moved to Bali to be with me. 

Louise: So then I'm building a website for Nathan's tour company that he has here and while I'm doing that, I see that he has the domain and the nerd in me is like, that's a really good domain. It's: 

- easy to remember
- easy to spell
- catchy

Nathan: the name had come about from a bunch of American friends and I. We used to say it to each other all the time. So much so that we even got it tattooed on ourselves. I thought it was cool and it was catchy but I never really knew what it should be. 

Louise: So two weeks later, I have this dream. And in this dream, See Ya Never is a clothing brand, everybody in Bali is wearing it (it was a very vivid dream). Nathan had told me that he wanted to start a clothing brand and we were thinking about doing something together but couldn't quite figure out what it was going to be yet. And this dream kinda just brought it all together for us! 

Nathan: I woke up to Louise shaking me madly and very excited, saying "hey! I've got it. See Ya Never - it's a clothing brand that's all about travel and adventure and we're gonna use it to inspire people to get out there and live this amazing adventure." Again, being super impatient, we started straight away. By lunchtime that day, we had notebooks filled with half of a business plan. So I thought. I later found out that a business plan takes 3 months and a whole lot of work. 

But we'll be covering that in way more details in later videos! We just wanted to give you some background about us and how we got started. 

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Louise Henry
Louise Henry


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