Building a Clothing Brand Vlog

by Louise Henry August 07, 2016


Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted a video so I just wanted to hop on here and give you an update! Things have been crazy busy, which is awesome - but if I look tired, that's why :P

We have been focused on designing new pieces so we met with our manufacturer this week and did some fabric sourcing and it's really coming together. You'll notice that we're definitely headed in a more streetwear direction so you can expect more of that. You can also expect some things for our friends in colder countries - so we're working on a long sleeve tee and a beanie. So, for all my friends back home in Toronto, we will have more stuff for you!

Another thing we're doing is trying to break into retail. At the moment, that's where we're having the most luck. We're sold here in Bali in different shops and it's going really well. And it looks like we might have got a sales agency in LA! So I'm pretty excited about that. We are doing our own outreach to stores but we wanted to give the agency route a try, so I will let you know how that goes. 

In order to handle this retail expansion, I've been looking for new manufacturers. The ones we have at the moment are amazing and the quality is super good, but their capacity is lower than what we're hoping we will need. So I've been on Alibaba (the website that connects you with manufacturers in Asia) and it looks like I've found a few good ones! Ideally, (it might take a while), we'll land a big account (might be in 6 months - a year away) and we want to be prepared and be able to produce the order with a reasonably fast turnaround time if it does happen! 

We also are going to be releasing phone cases! I ordered a sample from one manufacturer but it wasn't the quality we're looking for so I'm still searching. But we have the design and everything done!

On top of that, we're also having a popup shop this weekend which is going to be really fun. Nathan and I will be setup for 3 days and trying to sell as much product as possible - so wish us luck with that! 

That's it! I'll be posting a new video next week and be talking about designing clothes for the first time.

Louise Henry
Louise Henry


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