Our Biggest Wins So Far

by Louise Henry July 04, 2016


Being an entrepreneur is hard. There's a ton of ups and downs, but that's what makes it an adventure! 

If you prefer reading, here's the transcript:

Louise: Hi guys! We are coming at you today from the beautiful Broome, Western Australia. This is my first time to Australia so I'm super pumped to be here. As you can tell, we found somewhere pretty great to film. 

Nathan: We're at Cable Beach - Broome's most famous beach and my favourite beach growing up as a kid. So it's good to be back home. And we thought we'd talk to you about all the wins that we've had so far with See Ya Never because we've been extremely lucky. There's a lot of ups and downs with any business, especially small ones, but we've had some massive wins as well. 

Louise: And in our next video, we'll share our biggest lows! Cause we've had a few of those as well. 

Nathan: So one of the first big wins that we had is because of a friend of ours from Perth, Liam Underwood, who works with a lot of crazy talented producers and DJs, such as Skrillex and Zed's Dead and Diplo. Through Liam, all of those guys have managed to get their hands on some of our product. Diplo snapchatted it, Zed's Dead wore one of our hats at Ultra Music Festival and Skrillex now has one of our flags hanging in his loungeroom. So whenever he throws a party, everyone gets to see this huge See Ya Never flag hanging on the wall. 

Louise: Another thing that's really cool is we've had about 15 people get our logo tattooed somewhere on their body. I mean - that's crazy! Whether it's the actual words See Ya Never or our paper plane (which Nathan has and I've said I will do eventually - I'm tattooless right now). 

Nathan: But 15 people not including myself! And we've had a lot of people from young Australian guys, to a bunch of crazy Californians, to people from Austria that have all gone, hey, we love what you're doing and we believe in what you stand for - let's get that in ink. 

Louise: Another awesome win that happened was we've only gone to 1 sales meeting so far and we were really nervous and in that first meeting, we got 6 retail locations. So that was super cool and really built up our confidence.

So that covers our biggest wins so far! In our next video, we will share with you our biggest lows.

Louise Henry
Louise Henry


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