50 Things to Do in Toronto

by Nathan Johnson December 15, 2015 1 Comment


Toronto! One of my favourite cities in the world. Great people, lots of great architecture and very photogenic landscapes all make it a rad place to spend some time. And if you ask anyone from TO, this winter so far has been awesome. I mean, compared to almost every other year, it’s non existent! It’s half way through December and I was out shooting photos last night in just jeans and a sweater.

After my trip out here last year, these were the places that remained in my mind as part of one hell of an experience. Let me know in the comments what places in Toronto are your favourites.

1. The Air Canada Centre (ACC) - I’ve been here a few times now attending everything from Raptors games to a Justin Timberlake concert. It’s owned by the Maple Leafs, however despite that (sorry) the ACC is packed full of action all year round.

2. Bloor St. shopping - Shopping isn’t really my thing but we don’t have many great stores in Bali where I live so I was sent here for all my christmas shopping.

3. Gladstone Hotel - I want to just say that I’ve gotten hammered at the bar here and leave it at that, but truth be told I’m quite fond of art shows with some expensive wine and this is definitely the place for that.

4. Toronto Inukshuk Park - Located at the edge of Lake Ontario, I always wondered what this was. Turns out it's a monument to commemorate World Youth Day. 

5. Raptors Game - We The North! Yeah we are!

6. Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) - had to put this shot in there because of all the Canadian flags and the history of it.

7. Rogers Centre - This place is huge and has everything from the Blue Jays to touring Supercross shows and everything in between.

8. Steam Whistle Brewery - Hands down, the best beer I have had out here in Canada. You can go tour the brewery and get loaded on free samples! 

9. Royal Conservatory of Music - I used to think this was a castle and had all these crazy ideas in my head about what it was. Turns out it’s a music hall which is pretty cool too. It’s a musical education organisation (say that fast 5 times!) and hey, all good travel needs a sound track.

10. CN tower  - At 553m high it’s one of the tallest structures in the world. It’s iconic AND it has an amazing restaurant up the top that rotates for a full 360 degree view out over The Greater Toronto Area.

11. Queen St West Shopping - This place, according to Vogue Magazine is the worlds second ‘hipest’ district. Here in TO! Who would’ve thought!

12. Danforth Music Hall - The Biebs was playing and my girlfriend wanted to be one of those screaming teenagers you see crying next to where his car parks. She’s gonna kill me for saying that.

13. You’ve Changed mural - I think this is amazing. The "You've Changed" mural is not just a comment to the gentrification of West Queen St West, but also a positive message to the patients next door at CAMH who suffer from mental illness.   

14. Hockey Hall of Fame - When I think of Canada, I think of Ice Hockey. I think, growing up in Australia it’s one of the most Canadian things I think of, so it was super cool to visit this place.

15. Yorkville - There’s a whole bunch of really nice restaurants and I love food and a whole bunch of high end shopping, which my girlfriend loves. So really, it’s a romantic getaway.

16. Football field - To be honest, this one we were driving past and it looked cool, so we just threw it in there.

17. Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts - I love going to places and seeing acts by local talent. The Performing Arts Centre is home to The Canadian Opera company and The National Ballet of Canada and of course, the best shows are from talented Torontonians.

18. Bellwoods Brewery - No two things were meant to be together more than beers and snacks. The Bellwoods Brewery combines a great selection of beers with the tastiest of snacks in a cool location.

19. Chinatown - Toronto is extremely diverse and Chinatown (along with Little Italy, Koreatown and all the rest) is proof of that. And umm, dumplings!

20. Graffiti Alley - We mentioned earlier the talent of Torontonians and it spills over into the streets too. It seems everywhere you look in Toronto, bare walls have been turned into art and nowhere more so than Graffiti Alley. 

21. Honest Ed's - This place just makes me happy, I don’t even know why, but I just get curious and happy every time I see the weird quotes written in lights on the side of the shop. Unfortunately it’s being closed down, but we have the memories Ed.

22. TIFF Bell Lightbox - This place is great! From the photos in the washroom corridor showing the rich and famous who have attended events there as far back as the 70’s to the Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF is always worth a visit.

23. Royal Alexandra Theatre - This is where you’ll find top musicals (my favourite) in a beautiful (and old) theatre. Makes me think of what it must have been like growing up before movies were such a big thing.

24. Sneaky Dee's - Nachos on top of Nachos on top of Nachos, there’s no better late night drunk food.

25. Flatiron Building - A historic landmark in the St Lawrence neighbourhood, this place is just visually one the coolest buildings to go check out.

26. Canada’s Walk of Fame - Steve Nash. Steve Fricken Nash! And a whole bunch of other legends, most of which I didn’t realize were Canadian!

27. Kensington Market - This place is, kind of weird. Definitely unique, an eclectic mix of bars and markets and fresh fruit stands. A very cool place to hang out for a day.

28. Harbourfront - I imagine, if you enjoy going for walks, this place would be one of your favourites. A cool view of the city and somewhere I quite like to take photographs from.

29. Allan Gardens - This place is deceptively large. A greenhouse in down town Toronto full of birds and flowers, pretty cool for something different.

30. The Gay Village - In a similar vein as Chinatown, this place is a celebration of Toronto’s accepting and forward thinking nature. I have mad love for TO for these reasons, definitely something Australia as a country could learn from.

31. Distillery District - This place is a pretty cool, kind of older styled district. This time of year the Toronto Christmas Market is on and it’s always fun too.

32. Yonge & Dundas Square - Yonge street is the longest street in the world! Makes sense then that there is always something happening here. 

33. Sweet Jesus - Oh my god! Ice Cream! And not just Ice Cream but the craziest “pimped out” cones from this sweet spot. 

34. Drake General Store - Cool little spot full of knick knacks and Canadian themed gifts. 

35. Cool wall (near the Drake) - Again, another spot I just think is cool and for some reason stands out in my mind as part of Toronto.

36. St Lawrence Market - I’ve always been told to go here and find some interesting subjects for photos on the weekends, but I always just end up eating cheese and meats all day. 

37. Evergreen Brickworks - Live sustainably. That’s the message here and it’s one that needs to be spread more. 

38. Momofuku - I’ve got an amazing girlfriend who deserves to be taken to nice places for dinner, this is always top of the list when we come to Toronto.

39. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - Canada’s largest museum with a little bit of everything. Personally I love checking out the natural history exhibitions

40. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) - Some great architecture here so I’ve always remembered this place as being very Toronto. I take photos here quite often. 

41. Bell Media Queen Street - See that! That's a car coming out of a building right there! A whole bunch of well known TV shows are produced here including MTV and Much Music.

42. Casa Loma - There just happens to be a castle in the middle of Toronto. Secret passageways, incredible decor & a scenic view of Toronto. 

43. High Park - The largest park in the city, even now in ‘winter’ it’s a pretty nice spot to hang out and have a wine.

44. Union Juice - The coolest thing about this place for me is that it’s next door to Sweet Jesus, but that’s because I am not one for juices and healthy stuff. My girlfriend is though and she loves it here.  

45. Nathan Phillips Square - Head down to Nathan Philips Square at night and you’ll find Toronto out ice-skating to a local DJ. 

46. We the North - Just this…

47. Buonanotte - Our good friend Cherri rules behind the bar. Go visit her and tell her we sent you!  

48. Niagara Falls - These famous falls are only an hour and a half drive from Toronto and worth the day trip! 

49. Tim Hortons - A Canadian staple known for its coffee and donuts

50. Riverdale Park - For a great view of Toronto’s skyline!

To celebrate the release of our Toronto in 50 video, we're offering free shipping in Canada from today until Friday, December 18th! So get shopping!


Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson


1 Response

Chuck Boulter
Chuck Boulter

December 18, 2015

Love the article Toronto is full of fabulous attractions and sites. The patios in little italy on a hot summers day down on college street i would have to say are my favorite ways to spend my time in Toronto. As well as taking the ferry out to center island for some beach vollyball. #seeyanever #lifeisworthliving #Toronto

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