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by Nathan Johnson October 08, 2015

 See Ya Never Travel Blog - Adventure in Singapore

“Life is a book and if you don’t travel you only read one page”

Or something like that… I can't be bothered checking the exact quote because I think it sucks.

Only one page? Bullshit. There are so many people on this earth that trying to some up what everyone should be doing with their life is a dangerous undertaking.

But we love danger so I am going to try. Here goes…

Everyone, should be chasing their own personal version of ‘the dream’.

 See Ya Never Travel Blog - Adventure in Singapore 2

That’s what I believe. I don’t want to tell you what your dream is, just provide you with a glimpse of what we are doing at See Ya Never and hopefully you see something that might interest you. And if it so turns out, maybe it helps you find and chase your dreams.

Having said all of that, travel is a huge part of who we are. And this blog will feature it a lot.

But not often directly. We want to show you what we get out of travelling.

See Ya Never Travel Blog - Adventure in Singapore 3

The pictures above for example, are part of a very selfish reason to travel. I love taking photos of Cityscapes, but I don’t live in a city. Well not really. Bali, where I reside, is nothing like Singapore where those pics were taken. It is a great place to live, but I find it boring as someone that loves taking photos of Metropolitan areas.

And then there is music. I have Ableton and I love playing around with music samples. In complete opposites with the last paragraph, Bali has been great for this. So many people bringing sounds from all over the world and even more locally, there are a lot of amazing musicians and instruments from here in Indonesia.

I put this mix together pretty quickly the other day, but it shows what we listen to here in the See Ya Never office...

I sampled the Gamelan on a hip hop track I did (inspired by Taku’s song Boom in which he sampled some sounds from India - just a note, I think it was India, i was pretty drunk when I learnt that at 1am from a live stream Q&A he was doing) and I thought it sounded great over some lazy drums.

You see there are a lot of reasons why I travel, but mostly it is to take something home with me that i can use to create.

I don’t actually know I have ever done anything completely original. Everything I do is creative collaboration and I really enjoy the process.

Actually there is a great book you should all check out. Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.
It’s very on point for this post. Not that it is about travelling, but it just goes through how, why and when you should be letting the work of artists and creatives before you influence your own work.

That’s it for See Ya Never’s first ever ‘Explore’ blog post. I hope you all enjoyed it as a taste of things to come. Please comment or email me at nathan@seeyanever.com with any comments on this post or ideas for the next one.

It would be great to hear from you.

See Ya Never

Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson


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