10 Epic Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

by Nathan Johnson March 31, 2016

Travel accounts to follow on Instagram

Today we're sharing 10 epic travel Instagram accounts that will make you want to say See Ya Never and book a plane ticket!

1. WORLDERLUST @worlderlust

This account features “realistic wanderlust pictures from around the world” and is great to have a browse through when trying to decide where your next holiday should be to.


Alberta, Canada by @cbezerraphotos #worlderlust

A photo posted by Travel Nature Wanderlust (@worlderlust) on


2. TREY RATCLIFF @treyratcliff

Perhaps not as much a travel account as it as a landscape account, the fact that the landscapes are shot with great skill all over the world makes this account one worth following.


How about another picture from Milford Sound? Again, lucky timing with the moon right there over Mitre Peak.

A photo posted by Trey Ratcliff (@treyratcliff) on


3. CHRIS BURKARD @chrisburkard

The king of landscape photography spends his time travelling to the far corners of the world to document them for us, check it out!



4. TIM CASSAR @timcassar

If you want to see someone who seems to be having the time of his life, every day, check out this account.



5. LOGAN DODDS @logan_dodds

Logan packed his bags and set off on an adventure around the world that spawned a viral video. Once he got home he realized that the adventure never had to end and so now his days are full of travelling to the most fun places on earth.

Back to the Hustle & Bustle of London Life...?? What a Ripper Summer that was ? #TravelLife #EuroSummer

A photo posted by Logan Dodds ?? (@logan_dodds) on

6. EKATERINA @travellersplanet

This is as tropical as it gets!



7. SAM EARP @samearp

Young, good looking, down to earth Aussie guy gets to travel the world at will and document it all for a living, sounds like a dream right? Check this page out!



8. JYE TAYLOR @jyetylr

Jye is on what he calls a “Forever Vacation” and it’s amazing to see the pics he sends back from wherever he is.

Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean your alive ???

A photo posted by Jye (@jyetylr) on


9. JAY ALVARREZ @jayalvarrez

The undeniable king of travel porn, Alvarrez leads a life that make many jealous, you just have to remember it’s a choice and that you can too!

When you get your tax return & start doing unnecessary shit ? ?: @griffinturner88

A photo posted by JAY ALVARREZ (@jayalvarrez) on


10. SEE YA NEVER @seeyaneverofficial

We are on a mission to inspire people to get out there and see the world. Amazing photos and well written captions, check it out!!

Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson


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